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And the Oscar for spam email of the year goes to…


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I was at work the other day getting ready to pack up and come home when an email pinged in to the organisation’s info@ mailbox. The day was nearly over but I decided to do my duty and read it in case someone needed some urgent information, and boy am I sure glad I did.

We get quite a lot of spam in to our various mailboxes. Most of them are just companies in India trying to hawk their website design skills to us, or someone offering energy or telecoms solutions that we don’t need. But this email was an absolute cracker. I haven’t seen an email like this in years, and I felt as though I needed to share it with the world.

With no explanation offered whatsoever, I present unto you ‘Black Judgement time train hurtling to hell with humanity, the Messiah comes’:

We have the doomsday

Character of God the Messiah comes we have the doomsday and stand just before the last day but also in front of the biggest holocaust of all time Every second person comes if only for the poor desecrated gassed Murdered Jews to hell. This is the mere revenge for Auschwitz Treblinka Kristallnacht, etc.

————————————————– ————————————————–

Instead of calling Christianity into paradise has brought all mankind into hell reunified Nazi Germany. So I have to call when the Apostle Abraham cradle of humanity all people for the last time in paradise. All men are invited to the table of the Lord’s Supper is already preparing for the Day of Judgment. This applies to all people. For Christians, pagans and all religions. We are just before the Last Day and do not have any more ground. Of the earth you will again see nothing more.


Judgement, Black Time, train hurtling to hell with all of humanity. The deaths require your execution. God of all mankind is condemned to hell Final Solution


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the Gates of Hell humanity and should be immediately demolished or all of humanity is thrown into hell. No Human Being is then saved. Thanks to the Brandenburg Gate, we have long been the third world war everyone is now punished just as hard as Adolf Hitler


Will you all go to hell because of the ridiculous Nazitor Brandenburg in Berlin, the Germans block the way to Paradise for about 7 billion people. A gigantic crime. If the Brandenburg Gate is not torn down immediately and the Second World War is not properly atoned Germany has brought all mankind into hell Final Solution


Whoever does not repent and repented not have eternal life in heaven lost is still added into the eternal fire The final solution applies to everyone Especially for the German Bundestag


Character of God must be immediately distributed worldwide so not all go to hell and come see pictures my homepage


I will complain in the U.S. and even in Washington, if not what will be done immediately. Then the parliamentary and even the federal government is a nasty surprise!

The Apostle Abraham Cradle of Humankind


People need to withstand enormous pain in the lake of fire without burning himself. The screams are gigantic and for all ages. Hell is the harshest possible punishment in body and soul.

Screams of hell


Million boilers are in hell. In each tank, a man of wallowing in the glowing lava is. Hell has gigantic proportions

John Lennon the boiler



Oh No! Video Games! Indie Game Book Club: Papers Please


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Yesterday I joined Martin on the Oh No! Video Games! podcast to talk about Lucas Pope‘s latest release Papers, Please for their Indie Game Book Club. Apologies for the terrible sound quality, we were sharing a headset mic between two people!

It is available for download here, and you can subscribe to the ON!VG! podcast on iTunes here.

The podcast also features Mike from and Emily from Nerds Assemble.


Adventures in L-Space


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The noted Dutch humanist Erasmus once said that “Your library is your paradise,” and considering how much of a keen reader I am I would have expected to feel a greater draw to them in general.

It has, however, been some years since I’ve been a member of a library of any sort, and that was more by necessity than design. I highly doubt I would have come out of university with more than a handshake and a kick up the backside if I hadn’t devoted at least some time to the reading of books I took from the campus library.

The last time I was in a public library is a lot longer ago than my university days. As a child I used to be a member of the local library in the small town I grew up in on the North Wales coast.

The range of books was understandably limited, given that the building’s floor space probably wasn’t much bigger than that of my, uh, bijou London studio flat, but in that tiny room I read some books that set me off along paths that I’m still treading to this day. To give but one example I’m pretty certain the first Discworld book I ever read in primary school came from that library and now I’ve got practically an entire set of bookshelves filled with Pratchett’s work.

However, while my love for literature flourished through my teens and in to my twenties, my love for libraries apparently did not. Since I left university in 2009 the thought of taking out a library card had never even crossed my mind until a couple of months ago when I moved out of my flat in Clapton in East London and took out the aforementioned petite domicile in which I now reside in the rather more upmarket Muswell Hill.

One of the first things I noticed as I was walking to the flat viewing is that there was a library a mere two minute walk away at the end of the street. Any excuses I had were about to run out, and finally after three months of dithering I yesterday became a member.

I was interested to find that in addition to a pretty reasonable selection of books they also had a couple of large shelves full of DVDs to borrow. Take that, Blockbuster, eh?

I’ve never been a particularly broad reader when it comes to fiction. Take a look at my shelves and you’ll certainly see quite a wide variety of history books and course books from university with a smattering of ‘classic’ literature and political/philosophical theory, but otherwise I mostly read science fiction and fantasy. Six of the eight books in the pile on my bedside table right now are SF/F. Other than the occasional political thriller that’s pretty much it.

As I glance over the contents of my shelves I can’t help but wonder if the disappointingly narrow focus of the material contained therein is somehow related to my prolonged absence from the British public library system.

Perhaps when I’ve reached the bottom of my current pile I’ll use this opportunity to broaden my horizons. Who knows what possibilities it might open up?

(As an afterword, this map give a rather depressing overview of the state of the British library system as it stands today. Perhaps, if you are able, you might take the time to show your support to your local library and keep Britain reading.)


Hello and Welcome


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Welcome to my website. I’ve set this up to keep track of all the work that I do for other websites and as somewhere that I can post any stories that I’ve written or any thoughts that doesn’t fit in to the categories of the other sites that I contribute to. I hope you enjoy, and any feedback is welcome.