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Flash Fiction: Ghost Test


Posted on October 5, 2015 by

I couldn’t sleep and for some reason I felt inspired to write a short piece of flash fiction. Here it is for your amusement/bemusement.

Ghost Test

Frances felt a wave of terror wash over her as the ghostly figure appeared on the graveyard path, its pale form glinting in the moonlight.

It screamed silently, its face contorted in to a mask of pure horror and unfathomable’ agony. Then it disappeared.

“You OK?” John called from further up the path.

“Yeah, fine,” Frances replied. “I thought I saw something.” She hurried to catch up.


“How did I do?” the ghost asked its companion, who consulted its clipboard.

“You got a B-. A well timed scream, but you just didn’t quite sell the haunting expression enough.”