Hello and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Patrick. I am a 28 year old blogger, writer of novels and short stories and full time administrator of things for a small charity in London. I’m originally from Liverpool via extended stays in North Wales and Staffordshire.

I enjoy video and tabletop games of most varieties, music from genres that begin with the word ‘post’, reading, history, travel, Geocaching and small, ridiculous dogs. I quite often enjoy several of these in combination. I do all my own stunts.

I have written for a number of different websites that cover a variety of subjects including video games, music, sport and food. I am a contributor to the geek culture blog Many a True Nerd and a regular contributor to London restaurant review blog London Larder. A more complete list of my work can be found on the Links page.

I recently began a challenge to write one short story a week in 2014, the efforts for which can be found in the ’2014: A Year In Stories’ category on the Home page.

I am available for freelance writing and blogging and can be contacted here or on Twitter.


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